The origins of Pinehill Business Park at Mountain Top, which houses some of Donegal’s most recognised businesses, began almost 50 years ago.

That’s when founder George Boal set about taking a gamble that would prove to be a decision on which the rest of his life would revolve.

Boal, who had returned to Letterkenny with his wife Betty (nee Spratt) after working for a time in Scotland, set about beginning a new life.

The couple bought a ten acre site for the princely sum of £45 and moved into a caravan on the site before building a house close by.

George soon set up a business making pre-cast concrete sills and kerbing and business began to flourish.

At the same time George also noticed large delivery trucks having trouble parking on the town’s Main Street and saw storage space could be a profitable business.

Today that storage space is home to no less than 44 units of some of Donegal’s most recognised and respected businesses including Letterkenny Tool Hire, Donegal Printing Company and Carpet Interiors.

Situated just a mile from the heart of Letterkenny’s Town Centre, the Business Park has proven to be the perfect location for many businesses to follow their dreams and flourish.

And businesses which have found a working unit at Pinehill have also found a home – just like George and Betty Boal did 50 years ago.